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How We Can Help You

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Connecting Your Spirit to a New World

Indulge your soul with a luxurious relaxing Reiki/Crystal Therapy healing session. You might like to try the effective Sound/Vibration Therapy as well.

Make sure you see the beautiful gemstone Roller Balls, aromatherapy jewellery and custom blended oils. I also have a line of vegan friendly, natural, safe, skincare and health products.  


All of my products have been meticulously cleared of all residual energy, 

using 4 methods. 

I use a Palo Santo smudging, 

A selenite cleaning and 

then are placed in a Tibetan Singing bowl. 

The products are then empowered with positive Reiki energy and love.

Thank you for visiting our site.  It is our passion, and we are hoping to help you

on your spiritual path to elevating your vibrations and using healing crystals in everyday life. Please look around.

If you are looking to find anything metaphysical,

or if you are looking for something special in the meantime, please contact Rock & Roll Wellness as we would be happy to get it for you.

Blessings to you,


A Crystal Message About the Healing Properties of Rainbow Fluorite:

“Feel clarity wash over you as you consciously co-create with the universe.”

Here are some of the healing properties of the rainbow fluorite:

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  • Stimulates the Intellect
  • Enhances Clarity of Mind and Lucidity
  • Stimulates Relief of Stiff Joints
  • Relieves Arthritis Pain
  • Cleanses the Mind, Body, and Spirit