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Roller Ball with Essential Oil blends, 10ml

Energized healing crystal Rollerballs 

Filled with a custom made blend of 100% Organic and Natural Essential oils. I will put the requested Essential Oil in your Rollerball.

Order below, and please call to customize your choice, 


All  Rock and Roll Wellness products have undergone a strict and ritual cleaning, removing any lingering energy. Then have been charged with positive loving energy so you can enjoy and feel secure about what you are wearing. This is what sets us above the rest. Namaste. 

Rollerball with Oils

Intention Bracelets

We have created 6 different Intention bracelets for you to wear and attract the intention you desire.

These are genuine stones that have been properly cleaned and charged with positive energy. Handmade healing energy bracelets, using the ancient healing quality of gemstones combined with the intention of bringing the heart, mind and soul into perfect harmony. An Intention is a desire. Its a heart felt wish. Sometimes, its a prayer. Wear Intention bracelets to help keep your mind focused on where your heart longs to be.

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