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Remote Reiki is just as powerful, and if you are interested in having a session please contact me and we can set up an appointment. 

I thank you for your cooperation during this time, be safe and vigilant.

Cat  xo 

Healing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Relax and set your soul free. 

Be reborn and reawakened with healing therapies and products from Rock & Roll Wellness 

in Markham, Ontario. 

We offer Reiki/Crystal Therapy, Sound and Vibration therapy. Chakra cleansing with Crystals.

We carry gemstone roller balls with custom blended essential oils.

We have aromatherapy and chakra bracelets and necklaces.

With more than 20 years of experience, we blend our own oils to meet our clients’ needs. To learn more about us and what we offer, continue browsing our website or contact us today. Cat Williams, C.C.P. is a skilled Reiki Master, and certified Crystal practioner. 

I have an amazing health and wellness line. Click 

Beauty and Health  to find out more.

What sets us above the rest?


See what Rock & Roll Wellness can do to help you on your journey.

All Rock and Roll Wellness products have undergone a strict ritual of cleaning with 3 different methods, Saging/ smudging, Selenite, and Tibetan Singing Bowls. That removes any lingering energy. Then have been charged with positive energy so you can enjoy and feel secure about what you are wearing or using.

Explore our site, there is a lot of information and products!

Empowering you all with Love and Light, 


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Mission-Vision Statement

“What is life about? Why I am here?”

I know for me, there is a reason and a purpose. I want my clients/customers to feel they are part of this global awakening with the help of the tools you need and the best quality products available.

 In the business world, companies pay a lot of money for other companies to figure out their mission statement.

What does Rock & Roll Wellness’ mission statement look like?

 It’s simple: be the best you, live your best life and, no matter what path you are on, 

continue to raise your vibrations and open your chakras.